Meet Sarah Musson

“I enjoy the dynamic process of creating a kitchen or bath that meets all of my client’s criteria.  For me, the best aspect of my job is to receive satisfaction from a pleased client.  One who reports that my design not only met all of their needs but improved their life.” -Sarah Musson

All of her life, Sarah has been interested in design.  For over 10 years she has been professionally designing kitchens and baths to customer’s satisfaction with the latest technology.

Kitchen and Bath design has a lot to do with ergonomics, space planning, and building codes.  It is being creative within the parameters of a defined space and budget.  Sarah is well versed in sustainable design and universal design.  Sustainable design is trying to use products that are better for the environment.  Universal design is making a space that everyone, no matter their physical ability, can use.

After getting her Bachelor’s of Science in Music Management from the University of Evansville (1993), got married, and had 2 beautiful boys; Sarah decided to go back to school and pursue her dream.

In 2005, Sarah started studying kitchen and bath design at Lansing Community College, an NKBA (National Kitchen and Bath Association) accredited school.  During that time, Sarah won the Toto Outstanding Student Achievement Award (2008) and was the LCC winner of the NKBA GE Design Competition (2008).  She was also LCC Student of the Year in Environmental Design (2007).

In January 2011, Sarah started designing kitchens and baths at the Home Depot in Okemos and later in the West Lansing store.  She then took her talents to Chelsea Lumber for a short while before landing at Modern Builders Supply (MBS) in 2015.

Sarah recently left MBS and has opened her own business ready to design your space!