What should I do with my old cabinets?

You can reuse your old cabinets in a garage or basement for extra storage. If you don’t want to do that, Habitat for Humanity might take them if they are in good shape.

Cabinet Manufacturers Have Extended Lead Times

Usually, cabinet manufacturers have a lead time of about 4-6 weeks. Currently, cabinet manufacturers are extending their lead times to 8-10 weeks or even longer due to COVID-19. Please plan accordingly and thank you for your patience!

What should I look for in cabinetry?

The old adage, “You get what you pay for” is true in the cabinetry world. For the most part the more expensive, the better the quality, and the longer it will last. Checking the cabinetry line warranty will help you determine how expensive it is and the level of quality. A limited lifetime warranty is not unheard of and tells you this is a quality line of cabinetry. Most cabinetry line warranties will replace a part or an entire cabinet but will not include the labor involved. Usually, the higher quality cabinetry lines have more design options and styles available. So, If you want special glass or decorative pieces (corbels, legs, etc.) in your kitchen then expect to pay more. Musson Designs LLC can help you determine which cabinetry line will work best for you and your budget!

Do I want more than one color of cabinets in my kitchen?

Deciding what your kitchen is going to look like can be very overwhelming. Do you want stained cabinets or painted? Light or dark colors? Off-white beige or gray tones? You want some “wow” factor but able to stand the test of time. You like white but you don’t want it to be overwhelming.
Having the island a separate color from the other cabinets is a good way to add a splash of color and break up the monotony. Having the wall cabinets a lighter color with the base cabinets a darker color can also do this trick. It does depend on the size of your kitchen and the amount of natural light. Sometimes just talking to a designer like Musson Designs can help you decide. Contact us today!

What you need to know about painted cabinets.

Painted cabinets are very popular. They are often simple and clean looking in a very busy room. There is one fact you should know before you purchase painted cabinets. Over time, wood will move and paint will not. Often in the winter, the humidity in a house drops causing the wood to shrink. The paint will crack at the joints of your doors and drawers. It will happen less if you are able to keep a consistent level of humidity in your home year round. It does not matter which brand you purchase. Most, if not all, cabinet manufacturers do not see this as a flaw and will not warranty such cracks. So please, be aware cracks will happen and it is just part of owning painted cabinets.

Looking to update your kitchen?

There are many ways to update your kitchen.
Inexpensive options would be to change out the pulls and knobs, paint or wallpaper the walls, or maybe even add tile to the backsplash. These options change the look but do not improve the functionality of a kitchen.
Many people don’t realize how much easier their lives would be if their kitchen worked better for them. Changing your cabinetry layout to work for you will greatly improve the value of your home, and the value of your lifestyle! Imagine, everything you need right at your fingertips. You will spend less time laboring in your kitchen and more time enjoying your kitchen.
Contact Musson Designs today to get started!

How much should you spend on a kitchen remodel?

The kitchen is the best room to invest in your house.  70-80% of money spent in a kitchen remodel will be recouped when you sell your house.  HomeAdvisor states that the average kitchen remodel is $25,475 (https://www.homeadvisor.com/cost/kitchens/remodel-a-kitchen/).  About a third of that budget should go to cabinetry.  Another third should go to labor and the last third should go to everything else including appliances and countertop.  Musson Designs will help you stay on your budget while you invest in your home!

Open for business!

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